Saturday, July 4, 2015

Many Mandala Coloring Sheets to Print

There's been so much recent interest in adult coloring pages. Have you noticed? I saw features in major print and television media including CNN and the New York Times about the fashionable "new" art hobby to relax and get creative (not new to me, I've been making coloring pages for grownups for more than a decade).  Perhaps you've printed out and colored in a few of my designs from the mandala set, the Celtic designs, the whimsical pictures or the compicated patterns collection.

Celtic Design Coloring Page

If not, here's a quick connection to 12 Marvelous Mandala Coloring Sheets at my main web site.

 12 Mandala Design Coloring Pages for Adults and Teens
This is only a sample of the many mandala designs and other line drawings you can print and color in or use to make personal crafts. No commercial use allowed, and please post links to the site not the actual drawings if you want to share.

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