Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Paper Craft Printables

Find all sorts of Halloween paper crafts and printable Halloween games to make party invitations, decorations, stickers, bookmarks, posters and displays for Trick or Treat.

Best of all, these are all treats and no tricks - they're free and don't require registration plus they're easy to make.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Printable Halloween Bookmarks

printable bookmarks, halloween party favorsAlong with the candy and other goodies I hand out to Trick or Treaters, I always add a gift tag with my name so parents will know where my treats came from. To make the gift tags "green" I use printable bookmarks with Halloween designs.

You can find a sheet of free printable Halloween bookmarks on my web site - use them as Halloween party favors or gift tags, your choice. These make nice classroom party hand outs, too - no worries about sugar or food allergies.

Need printable bookmarks for other occasions - visit Bookmarks and Bookplates for a huge selection.