Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Merry Christmas Paper Crafts and Printables for 2014

I've finished updating my 2014 Christmas printables collection on the web site this week, just in time for you to print and make holiday arts and crafts galore. Included in this year's set is a printable place mat, greeting card, gift tags, and border papers for family newsletters at Christmas or for the New Year, plus die cut templates for these cute paper garland gingerbread men.

Die cut gingerbread man garland paper craft,

My little paper craft  gingerbread garland was a big hit last year, but I didn't have time to offer it before the holidays so here it is, ready for you to print and cut out, or to use as a color in craft template.

If you have a Silhouette craft cutter, you'll find a freebie .STUDIO file for this design on my web site. The little icing pieces are tricky to get off the cutting mat, but the finished design is worth the effort. One version I made was actually done in two layers.

Printables and Die Cuts for Hand or Silhouette Cutouts

The back/bottom later was all white, with no cutouts (just the outline of the edges) and the top/front layer was cut from brown kraft paper. When I sandwiched the two garlands together the white icing details showed through the kraft paper cutouts

There's a full color printable sheet and a black and white template printable in this set as shown above, or you can download the STUDIO cut file and design your own gingerbread men paper swags.

Merry Christmas!

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