Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter's Here - Let It Snow Coloring Sheet

In Vermont and most of the Northeastern USA and Canada, we're hunkered down for the first big snowstorm of 2014. This is a true Nor'easter, with frigid cold sinking in from the Arctic and a big, moist coastal storm pushing up from the south. I've already measured 2.5 inches in my front yard this morning.
Snowman family coloring page

In Vermont we expect snow totals from 3 to 12 inches or more from this two day snowstrom, with the most snowfall in the central and southern parts of the state.

It's perfect ski snow with the near-zero F temperatures and for most of us will be easy to shovel or plow on Friday or Saturday. By the end of the weekend we're due to have a "warmup" to mid-thirties for a day or so. That will make the snow sticky and just perfect for, yes, snowmen!

Our state depends on tourism and winter sports enthusiasts for a significant part of overall income, so when it snows, Vermonters do the happy dance and say, "Let it Snow" ... then just get on with life.

If you're trapped indoors from the storm or any reason over the next few weeks, print off this snowman family coloring page and make some art. Little ones will like coloring the snowman hats and sticking cotton balls or silver and white glitter on the snow people.

You could experiment making paper crafts using this snowman line art (printable available from my web site  winter coloring pages). Use the trace, print and cut features with a craft cutter to make a cutout for a mobile - combine with snowflakes and hang in the window.

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