Friday, December 13, 2013

Wear your lucky charm today - Friday the 13th!

Friday 13th Calendar Sticker
It's Friday the 13th! Watch out for misfortune or wear a good luck charm to ward off the bad stuff. This black cat won't cause a problem - he's an official Friday the thirteenth clip art good luck symbol.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Finding my clip art making others happy makes me smile

Every now and then I spot my clip art in use by a non-profit, school or club to make flyers, posters or newsletters.

This week I was at a charity crafts fair in the lobby of Reading Hospital and spotted one of my favorite holiday clip art images, Christmas clip art of pies in a country pie carrier, on a flyer from a local orchard offering to take orders for fresh baked pies for the holiday. I sampled the cherry pie - YUMMY!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Sweet Holiday Design Template Candy Canes Mandala

Christmas Sweets Mandala Adult Coloring Page
My latest craving for holiday sweets is, yes, peppermint candy canes.

I just finished this new holiday wreath /  mandala coloring page design for my main web site's new and popular adult coloring pages section.

I created this design using a favorite candy cane heart line art image from a few years ago. The basic design has two candy canes and a bow. The finished mandala design has 24 candy canes with lots of ribbons and of course, twinkling stars.

If I have the time, this candy cane heart wreath line art design may become the centerpiece for my holiday tables, embroidered in white on white.  But if you'd rather just color it in, have a sweet time!