Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Clip Art - Roller Skates

 Anyone remember skate keys?

When I was a kid, I raced up and down the sidewalk wearing clunky metal roller skates that fastened to my shoes with a clamp. The skate clamps needed to be tightened with a special key. We strung the skate key onto a shoelace and wore it on our wrists or as a necklace, because without the key to tighten the clamps, your skates wouldn't stay on. Skate keys are nostalgic collectibles these days ... got one"

When I got older I skated with indoor shoe skates. I even learned to skate backwards and to use the toe stops without falling down.

Decades later I graduated to inline skates and I still have a rockin' pair of Rollerblades to cruise around on the playground parking lot or sidewalks, along with the requisite safety helmet, elbow pads, gloves and knee guards.

This grandma is not ready to give up being a skater just yet - have fun with this retro red rollerskates clip art!

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